Spigen Screen Protector Neo Flex 2PCS Clear-Google Pixel 7 Pro (AFL05201)
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Brand: Google
Μοντέλο: Google Pixel 7 Pro
Κατασκευαστής: Spigen
Χρώμα: Clear
Barcode: 8809811866360
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Spigen Screen Protector Neo Flex 2PCS Clear-Google Pixel 7 Pro (AFL05201)

The NeoFlex™ ensures edge-to-edge protection and compatibility with all Spigen cases. A simple wet installation process secures a bubble-free application with zero lifting. With self-healing technology, the NeoFlex deters scratches and fingerprints to keep your screen crystal-clear. Give the Google Pixel 7 Pro the defence it deserves with the NeoFlex™. * Tip: Leave the device to dry overnight for absolute transparency.


  • Made of a flexible material to offer full screen coverage.
  • Wet installation ensures full adhesion with zero lifting.
  • Self-healing technology with lasting clarity.
  • Stays bubble-free with zero glare or rainbows.
  • Compatible with Google Pixel 7 Pro (2022) only.


Clear AFL05201


Flexible Film


Spigen Neo Flex Screen Protector for Google Pixel 7 Pro (2022) 2PCS
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