Spigen AlignMaster GLAS.tR Full Cover 2PCS Black-Apple iPhone 15 (AGL06906)
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Brand: Apple
Μοντέλο: Apple iPhone 15
Κατασκευαστής: Spigen
Τύπος: Tempered Glass
Χρώμα: Black
Barcode: 8809896752275
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Spigen AlignMaster GLAS.tR Full Cover 2PCS Black-Apple iPhone 15 (AGL06906)

Less time, guaranteed alignment. The newest AlignMaster GLAS.tR Full Cover comes with an innovative tray designed to eliminate the time wasted to achieve the greatest alignment. Simply place the tray over the phone, press the centre and watch the glass adhere in place. Shield the screen with 9H hardness AlignMaster GLAS.tR Full Cover with the latest and easiest technology.


  • Engineering for a perfect installation. Allows to put a glass in the right place.
  • Premium Tempered glass durability rated at 9H hardness.
  • Made compatible with Spigen case.
  • Oleophobic coating for daily fingerprint resistance.
  • Designed for iPhone 15 (6.1-inch) 2023.


Black AGL06906


9H Hardness Tempered Glass


Spigen AlignMaster GLAS.tR Full Cover Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 15 (6.1-inch) 2023 2PCS
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