Hoco CA47 Metal Magnetic In-Car Holder Silver
Κωδικός MobileCenter: 31512


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Brand: Universal
Μοντέλο: Universal
Κατασκευαστής: Hoco
Χρώμα: Silver
Barcode: 6931474702982
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Magnetic car holder designed for mounting to the air vent. It allows you to safely use your smartphone while driving.

Made of high quality aluminum, provides resistance to damage and long-term use.

Universal: just install a thin metal plate between the phone and the phone housing to use the product.

High magnetic force provides a firm grip, preventing the device from falling out.

Small size does not block visibility and prevents the product from taking up a lot of space.

Material: aluminum alloy
Size: 34 * 50 mm
Weight: 46 g

Βάρος 0.5 kg

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