Camera Cover for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Black (OEM)
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Brand: Samsung
Μοντέλο: Samsung Galaxy Note 10
Κατασκευαστής: OEM
Χρώμα: Black
Πολλαπλοί Τρόποι Πληρωμής

  • Πιστωτική/Χρεωστική κάρτα
  • Αντικαταβολή με την παράδοση
  • Τραπεζική κατάθεση

Barcode: 5903396032707

Camera cover for uncompromising protection of your phone camera. Perfectly fits the camera of the dedicated phone model. Does not affect the quality of the photos.

Made of high quality, durable material – aluminum, ensures long-term use.

Does not affect the quality of the photos, providing the comfortable use of the smartphone.

Perfect fit to a camera of the dedicated phone model.

Shock and impact resistant, effectively reduces the risk of camera damage.

Ultra thin – almost invisible, practically imperceptible – guarantees comfortable use and does not disturb the original appearance of the device.

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