Bestsuit Full Cover 9H Flexible Glass Black for Samsung Galaxy S8+
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Brand: Samsung
Κατασκευαστής: Bestsuit
Τύπος: Tempered Glass
Χρώμα: Black
Πολλαπλοί Τρόποι Πληρωμής

  • Πιστωτική/Χρεωστική κάρτα
  • Αντικαταβολή με την παράδοση
  • Τραπεζική κατάθεση

Barcode: 5901737935984

9H 3D Curved Full Adhesive Flexible Glass

  • 9H Hardness: 9H flexible glass screen protector,Unafraid of the scratch of metal, plastic and other hard objects.
  • 3D Fully Fitted: Easier and perfect to paste well on curved screen
  • Sensitive Touch: Quicker and more precise to touch, make operation pleasant
  • Fingerprint Unlock: The material can be identified by ultrasonic fingerprinting.

Product Specifications

Product3D Hot Bend Full Glue Flexible Glass
Surface Hardness9H
Light Transmittance94%
Selling PointExplosion Proof / Full Glue / HD / Full Screen / Smooth / Sensitive / Curved Edge / Hydrophobic / Flexible Glass / No Bubble / Bendable / Fingerprint Unlock / OEM / High Quality
Customer ReviewsYES

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