Baseus CCALL-EL01 Enjoy Together 2-in-1 Car Charger Black
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Brand: Universal
Μοντέλο: Universal
Κατασκευαστής: Baseus
Χρώμα: Black
Barcode: 6953156275164
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ENJOY Together car charger with built-in cable. Allows you to quickly charge devices while travelling by car. Two types of connectors allow you to charge your phone with a USB-C or Lighting plug.

Built-in cable allows you start charging your device right away.

Blue backlight in the USB port makes it easier to locate the product at night.

The stretchable cord makes it easier to use the connected telephone in both – the front and back seats.

Two types of connectors – USB Type C and Lightning , allow you to charge two types of devices with just one cable.

Intuitive voltage adjustment to the connected device protects the battery from overcharging.

A number of built-in security features e.g. against too high voltage and overheating, guarantees safe use.

Material: aluminum alloy + TPU
Input voltage: 12 ~ 24V
Single USB output: 2.4A
Wire: iP / Type-C Total
Output: 4.8 ALine
Length: 1.5m

Βάρος 0.5 kg

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