UAG Glass Screen Protector Shield-Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
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Brand: Samsung
Μοντέλο: Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
Κατασκευαστής: UAG
Τύπος: Tempered Glass
Χρώμα: Black
Barcode: 840283907623
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UAG Glass Screen Protector Shield-Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Our Flex Shield Plus screen protectors are built to withstand daily use and then some. The Flex Shield Plus protects your display from scratches and cracks from the roughest environments and biggest drops. Made with strong and flexible Hybrid Polymer, the ultra-thin construction delivers responsive precision touch sensitivity and pristine HD surface clarity. A special oleophobic coating repels natural skin oils, limiting fingerprint and smudge build up that can compromise image resolution. The precise fit with edge-to-edge coverage is compatible with all UAG cases. Quickly and easily apply the screen protector at home with our included applicator kit, and maintain its shine with the included cleaning kit. With our Flex Shield Plus Premium Screen Protector, your screen will always look clean, respond to your touch accurately, and deliver strong everyday protection. Couple our Flex Shield Plus with one of our cases to experience unparalleled protection on all your adventures.

  • Flexible Hybrid Polymer Protection
  • Anti-fingerprint
  • Precision touch & precision fit
  • Biometric Tech-Designed to ensure compatibility with the ultra sonic finger print sensor
  • Applicator & cleaning kit included

After you install your screen protector. We highly recommend that you re-register your fingerprint for optimal performance. This should fix any issues with your fingerprint sensor. If air bubbles are still present gently use the squeegee card again to push out any remaining air bubbles. There could be air bubbles that are still present. These will dissipate in 24-48 hours.


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